Seven Year Pens

The Story Behind the Seven Year Pen
Each year, an estimated 100 million pens are discarded every day. Yikes! Is all that waste really necessary?

Maybe not, answers the Seven Year Pen. It's not only possible to reduce waste, it's possible to look cool while doing it!
Seltzer's Seven Year Pens have totally revised people's expectations. (Maybe being disposable isn't all that exciting after all!)

At Seltzer, we're always thinking of ways to offer new and interesting items without adding to the 56 tons of trash created each year by the average American. It's why we use 100% post-consumer recycled paper instead of virgin paper. And why we choose recyclable PET and kraft paper over less recyclable PVC in our packaging.

In our wanderings through the world of products and manufacturers, the Seltzer designers were introduced to a Swiss pen maker that reduces waste by increasing the size of the ink supply inside the pen. The jumbo ink cartridge fills more of the barrel's circumference, enabling the writer to pontificate a remarkable 1.7 meters a day for seven years. The shape of the Seven Year Pens is as svelte as anything you're used to writing with, yet it goes on and on.

Regardless of the uber-efficient technology, we knew it would be equally important to design the Seven Year Pens in such a way you'd actually want to keep them for seven years. Our designers went to work, turning "regular" pens into "favorite" pens. We started calling them the Seven Year Pen so everyone would know it was designed with a purpose.

Since these colorful pens coordinate well with Seltzer's modern line of recycled greeting cards, journals and stationery, our customers took to them right away. If there's a moral to the story behind the Seven Year Pen, it's this:

There's no reason why being eco-friendly and being a design lover can't live happily together.

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